La Canada Jr. Baseball & Softball Association

Welcome to the 51st year of Junior Baseball & Softball in La Canada. We are a non-profit, all volunteer group of parents and interested adults who provide baseball and softball programs for over 1000 boys and girls in grades K-12.


Last year we fielded 99 regular season teams – each sponsored by a local business or individual. Many thanks to all of the families and businesses who sponsored teams, and in some cases, two or three teams! Your commitment to our organization is much appreciated.

Each year, our Board of Directors continues to look for ways to improve our leagues and the fields our children play on. This year is no different. We have expended and will continue to expend significant resources toward field improvements and maintenance. Improvements to our website and the registration process have been made. The number of players that are required to tryout has been reduced. Access to the restrooms at the elementary schools has finally been achieved. We are considering some rule changes. All of this is with the desire to create a more fair and enjoyable experience for our children.

To the players, have fun and enjoy the game. To the parents, thanks for your support in getting your children to their games and practices when a million things are pressing. To our managers, coaches and other volunteers, I hope and pray that your experiences with LCJBSA provide wonderful memories for years to come.


LCJBSA divides Leagues by age (rather than grade). The division your children play is not related to what grade they are in. Pony baseball and ASA softball age restrictions will guide the division your children play in this year. Please review the new age guidelines below before registering your child.


Hat (or visor), jersey, socks and pants (or shorts) will be provided by the league. Babe Ruth & Bronco players will wear Major League Baseball replica uniforms. The league also provides catching gear (chest protector, catching mask and shin guards) and batting helmets for general team use.

Each child should bring his/her own pair of cleated shoes (baseball or soccer) and fielding baseball glove. The use of metal cleats is prohibited except in Babe Ruth.

Bats are not provided by the league and we strongly encourage players to bring their best youth bats. Bats in all leagues other than Babe Ruth will be limited to those not exceeding 2-1/4″ in diameter. All Little League approved bats qualify, though this approval is not required.

While the league provides batting helmets for team use, we encourage players to bring their own helmets to minimize the risk of catching and spreading head lice. Batting gloves are optional. Finally, a gear bag is recommended to minimize the loss of personal gear during the season.

General Tournament Team information

In addition to regular season teams, LCJBSA fields a number of post- season “Tournament” or All-Star teams. These teams compete at a higher level, and play teams from other areas.

The Tournament season overlaps the end of the regular season, and continues, at least, into early July.

Tryouts for Tournament Teams will be held during the season, and will be held at times and places TBD. Acceptance onto a Tournament Team is entirely at the discretion of the appointed Tournament coach, who may use a variety of criteria in deciding on his/her roster.

The softball Tournament Teams are known as “8 and Under”, “10 and Under”, and “12 and Under”, and are composed of girls of no more than the stated age as of January first of the current year.

The youngest Tournament teams are assembled from Pinto players (in baseball) and Rookie League players (in softball). There are no Shetland or Softball U6 Tournament Teams.

There are geographical restrictions for Tournament Teams. If you live in a location represented by another Pony, Babe Ruth, or ASA organization, your child may be ineligible to play on a La Canada Tournament Team. This is particularly relevant in the La Crescenta direction. Please check regional eligibility before registering if you anticipate that your child may try out for a Tournament Team.

Weather Information

The weather is currently DRY. Fields conditions are currently DRY. Fields are currently officially CLOSED. All cages are currently officially CLOSED. Please check phone numbers below for the most up- to-date news.

If you decide to use wet fields for practice, please have consideration for the condition of the infield area. Playing on a muddy infield can cause damage to the surface that takes much effort to repair. Let’s keep our fields smooth for the rest of the season.

The batting cages can be operated after a rainstorm, but caution must be used. The cement may be slippery, and the balls will often slip during delivery from the machines if they become wet. Use common sense.

General Weather Procedure

In an effort to reduce the confusion created by wet weather, we have established some procedures for you to follow. When it is, or has been raining, and you are wondering whether your game will be cancelled or not, please do the following

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