Only use balls provided in coaches box.

Turn on machine using on/off switch.

Make sure children are not in line of fire.

Only one child in cage at a time.

To adjust speed:

– Use lower crank. Clockwise = faster. Counter-Clockwise = slower

Increasing speed causes machine to throw higher. Decreasing speed causes machine to throw lower.

To adjust height of pitch:

– Use upper crank. Clockwise = lower pitch. Counter-Clockwise = higher pitch.

The mercury vapor lamps need to be left off for 5-10 minutes before they will turn on. If someone turns off the lights, you need to wait that long before they will re-light. Tell children not to touch the light switch.

Take balls out of machines if you are the last manager using the cage, and put balls back in the coaches box! Be sure the cage is locked after you leave! Don’t allow any unauthorized people in the cage! Do not allow the balls to leave the cage!

The batting cages can be operated after a rainstorm, but caution must be used. The cement may be slippery, and the balls will often slip during delivery from the machines if they become wet. Use common sense.

Do not attempt to “fix” the machines. Please call Pat Kendall with any problems related to the cages at 790-7721.