Managers or designated Team Parents, please fill out a game report form by clicking on the appropriate League above, and filling out the form that appears. Each scheduled game will be on the drop menu below the list of teams. Select one, fill in the score (except Pixie & Shetland), and write a game report.

All teams are asked to write reports for all their games, as a means of assuring that children are appropriately recognized throughout the season. This is different from past reporting schemes, which had the home team or the winning team report the score. Finally, fill out your name and your team in the last field and hit the ‘Submit’ button. If you have done everything right, you should get a summary screen with a large ‘LCJBSA Game Report’ at the top.

If you can’t figure out which game you want to report on, or if you have general comments to the League Reporter, there is an entry at the end of the game drop-menu for ‘none of the above’.

In the game report, please try to find a few kids on your team that did a good job, and try to get everyone’s name in the report at least once during the season.

If you like, you can arrange with the opposing manager or team parent to enter the report for both teams. If only one report is sent, the information will still be sent to the paper. When two are sent, the League Reporter will edit the reports together in a coherent manner.

The newspapers using these reports are the Sun, the Outlook, and the L.A. Times Foothill supplement. Since they have different deadlines, not all reports will be identical, and each newspaper reserves the right to edit any submission.