The Team Parent’s duties have become many and varied in the League in the past few years. The main responsibility of the Team Parent is to act as a secondary point of contact to and from the League. This has been instituted in order to free up the Manager’s time so he can spend more time teaching children baseball/softball skills. Multiple parents on the team may be assigned to one or more of the tasks listed below (and is actually encouraged), but the League would like ONE person designated as the MAIN TEAM CONTACT (it is recommended that the Team Parent checks his/her email & the League web site periodically to keep abreast of any changes relevant to the team). Finally, the Team Manager or Coach may elect to perform any or all of these tasks if he/she chooses. The tasks envisioned for the Team Parent are listed below:

Tasks Before the Season:

Uniforms – Pick up the team’s uniforms, etc. at the LCE cafeteria on Feb 26th. (click here for details).
Opening Day – Coordinate with Jodie Kendall regarding Opening Day activities. This involves acquiring and distributing In-and-Out hamburger vouchers, and misc. (click here for details). Opening Day parade lineup (click here)

Picture Day – Distribute the picture order forms (that you received at uniform pick-up) to each player on your team. (click here for details). For questions or picture schedule changes, contact Laurie.

Photo Pickup – Team photo packages will be available for pick up from Laurie Eisensmith any time beginning Thursday, April 3. Only 20% of the teams came to pick them up when we held it at the Community Center, so this year we are changing the process. The Team Parent will receive an email when their pictures are available.
Picture Day Makeups – Inform any players who did not make it for team photos where to do the make-up/re-take pictures.

Tasks During Season

Team Roster – Generate & provide team roster & schedule information to other parents, if the Manager hasn’t already performed this task.

Create Snack Schedule

Game Reporting – You, the Manager, a Coach or a designated parent needs to report scores and/or game summaries to the League using the Game Report web page.